This is the enemies "Digital Matrix" System!!

The enemies have had their way with this world long enough.

So, I see the matrix system is induced by the digital broadcasting equipment, chemicals & compounds in the waters and foods. Plus the air we breathe.

Now I see the cities having cell phone towers every 8 miles and the areas are flooded with this radiation. Now all this in combination with television and/or radio “Brain/Mind” Programming and other various mind control techniques.

All peoples are being monitored by cameras and tracked, even connected by cell phones and other electronic gadgets and this is the enemies “Digital Matrix” system!!

It is like humans are slowly sucked in to a T.V. You know the old CRT (Cathode Ray Televisions) tube TVs where they are animated but simulated creatures of computerized programs and environmental systems!!

We are currently underway conducting a world wide salvage mission-project and recovering lost souls that are trapped in the underworld.

And also babies and other children who are killed either by sacrifice, or other hideous ways, are being salvaged from these devil worshipers. Even after death we are bringing them home to the mansion worlds.

They are my promise children too thank God!!

Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone – Christ Michael


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