Voting Commencement Procedures of the Urantia Planetary Government – July 1st, 2015 – The 1st and Last Day of Reckoning

Voting Commencement Procedures of the Urantia Planetary Government

July 1st, 2015

The 1st and Last Day of Reckoning

          I, Chris Dwaine Christensen, AKA Majestone, or Christ Michael, have requested the initiation of a mandatory vote for justice on this planet of “Earth” also known as Urantia.

Due to reckless abandon I asked our Universal Father of Paradise to bring true and final justice to this world. In that our Father God is full of mercy and unconditional love and yet he is righteous, holy and in all things good, true and perfect, in all due rights of time delays of wisdom and patience so that all men may have time to call upon the Lord in repentance to be saved from their sins it is only right that fairness is imparted to all members of the human race and also to all peoples of the universe. In so being justice demands that wickedness must come to an end, for it has been proven to all universe authorities that rebellion must be finalized.

This would what is deemed as true righteous “Fairness” to all present living creatures of time and space.

On this world, for almost 1 million planetary years, evil minded and thoroughly wicked men have murdered & destroyed fellow humans and other lives without any remorse or guilt. They have continued to sacrifice their fellow humans to evil ‘gods’ and even have advanced in ways and means to destroy all living things, including any humans born into this world, by technological wizardry and sorcery. They deceive, by mass pretense through physical and electronic media, all peoples great and small, rich or poor. They have not ceased in their wanton destruction and appetite for murder and lust for money, worldly power & global dominance.

They continually and consistently invent more and more wicked devices to kill human beings and all other species living on this planet. They have amassed terrible weapons of mass destruction including thousands upon thousands of “Nuclear War Heads” that can destroy the all life on this world which can never be replaced or replenished. The world is already now saturated and flooded with radiation from the broadcasting transmitters and other factored emissions.

Also the world is disgustingly polluted with the filth, vile and excrement of the emissions of the routine facilities that most all humans require to work and live for survival. The evil corporations, like the oil tycoons, and energy moguls, etc., refuse to allow efficient and clean methods of powering households and businesses because they demand to enslave, entrap and brain wash all human beings so they can continue to own all the wealth, financial institutions, national governments, educational departments, entertainment and news media, social welfare, religious organizations, global militaries, and all other systems that the world is now thriving on.

These utterly corrupt beings are filled with worldly wealth and drenched full of the blood of innocent beings. They now possess all the power and influence of the government bodies, military forces, police and public services, and also the businesses incorporated worldwide and global with the stronghold of the banking institutions being the primary evil perpetrators.

Because of this, the common people of the world have no more means of sincere representation to bring justice to this sphere. The national government are completely controlled and owned by the wicked bankers and evil corporations and other dominating institutions, such as the churches and media outlets.

It is seen as utterly impossible for any descent and God fearing human(s) to bring about the necessary changes to the legal administrations and departments of the governments because even the public servants are bought paid for, literally ‘owned’ by the members of these ‘secret orders’ and so-called ‘elite’.

I have lived now over 52 years in this world and have not seen any end to this satanic and iniquitous destruction of all humanity. The wicked rest not day or night in plotting and scheming for the death of all common peoples of this world.

It behooves me to call upon the one and true God for deliverance of all living beings great and small and to bring a swift end to all this massacre and slaughtering of life.

Therefore I call upon my peers of spiritual mind and presence, who possess the decency to be sincere and respectful to our Father God’s creation and fellow creatures, to make a final vote for justice to be served in this world and on this sphere and to put a complete, thorough and final end to these wicked creatures that have not repented, who have no soul or conscience.

So, therefore, I put in my vote as the first one to be counted among the Majestone Divine Family of ministers resident here on Urantia (earth). And I also ask that all members of the celestial and indigenous staff working for the Urantia Planetary Government & the Universal Police Force to place their vote(s) to be collected and counted this very same day, week and at the latest the whole month of July 2015.

I vote to slay these wicked ones due to the fact that they can never be rehabilitated.

I am the creator, founder, owner & co-owner, and chief planetary administrator of these divine universal organizations: The Urantia Planetary Government, the Urantia Universal Military, the Universal Bureau of Internal Affairs & the Universal Police Force.

I was born in this very world, in the country of the United States of America, in the State of Nevada, in the City of Las Vegas, in the Sunrise Hospital on the day of December 16th, 1962 at 6:18 AM (Local Time) and my genuine “Birth Certificate” has been published and posted on the world wide web and is accessible and available to anyone who inquires evidence of my indigenous status and right of citizenship and sovereignty attained and acquired by true “human” birth.

My name is Chris Dwaine Christensen. My business name and artist name is “Majestone”. My physical address and phone number is posted and accounted to my business;

The Universal Police Force

(801) 883-9014


169 E. 200 S. #203

Salt Lake City, Utah



Copyright ©2015 Chris Dwaine Christensen

Copyright ©2015 Christ Michael 611,121st

Copyright ©2015 Majestone


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