Blogging Alternatives to Windows Live Writer

Blogging Alternatives to Windows Live Writer

Posted on June 30, 2015 by Majestone


I have been using Windows Live Writer for years. Sometimes, suspicious activity takes place. It seems it happens when there are topics the government would rather not have posted on my 23 different blogs. LOL

Seriously though, after I post to 1 or 2 blogs (Windows Live Writer) I get disconnect by an unknown & unexpected source.

Now, I have been able to blog to all my blogs at times and then only 8 or ten before I get cut off.

Recently I can get disconnected after 1 or 2 blogs. This is not acceptable.

I have to restart my Router & even restart my PC to reconnect.

But then it will continue this breach of service.

I have contacted my ISP and I have worked with my Web Hosting provider but, I have not found a solution for this dilemma.

I use Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 on multiple PCs. So, I know Microsoft is part of this violation as well as the U.S Government, along with the possibilities of Comcast and also Godaddy.

So, I am looking for alternatives to “Windows Live Writer” and “Raven” is the first one I am trying out.

***P.S. If this happens to you and you find the source of the problem and a solution please let us bloggers know. Thank you.


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